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Inexperienced does not mean unqualified. With that being said, changing careers does not have to be the stressful process everyone seems to think it is. All it takes is a good CV writer to convey all of your skills and to show you are qualified for the job despite your lack of experience in the area. I have put together three very important tips to make you a good CV writer who is looking to change careers.

Objective. You MUST write an objective on your CV. Without an objective, the employer will look at your CV and wonder why you are applying for the job you are applying to when you have no relative background. The objective lets the employer know that you are looking for a career change and you would like to transfer your qualifications you have attained throughout your work history to the new job you are applying for. For example, the objective for a nurse applying for an administrative job may sound similar to: Seeking an administrative position that will optimally utilise my supervisory, time management, and communications skills. These are transferable skills the employee acquired as a nurse and can put to use in an administration position.

A functional CV may be the best format for the CV writer who is making a career change. A functional CV highlights your skills and accomplishments rather than work history. Begin your CV with the objective section spoken about above followed by a ‘Highlights of Qualifications’ section. This section describes your qualifications from your previous employment. For example, the nurse looking for an administrative job would list how long she has been in the field and his accomplishments and/or leadership positions as a nurse during that time.

In the functional CV, instead of only listing work history in reverse chronological order, the CV writer should organize his or her work history by skill. For example, choose two or three main skills you are trying to solicit in your CV. Under each skill, give two or three examples in your work history where you have utilized this skill and how. Also, include any awards or accomplishments achieved with this skill. After you have listed your key skills, then list your work history followed by their dates.

A change of career is hard work, but a good CV writer who can accentuate his or her skills will produce a successful career change CV. For that, you ideally need a CV writing service. They can successfully make an easy job of creating a functional CV that can be extremely tough to do on your own.


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