Resume Process

Resume Process

Your Resume is your key marketing tool. A well designed, professional and error-free Resume goes a long way to getting you into the select group of applicants who will be offered interviews. We can design your new Resume from scratch or revitalize the parts of your existing Resume which are uninviting or ineffective.

ResumeGuys: Interview Generating Resumes
When a company decides which people to interview for a job the only information they have about you is in your resume. Your resume is your one chance to prove that you deserve the interview more than the numerous other people, who have also applied for the job. They all may have similar qualifications and training as you do, but you want that interview don’t you?

Today it is getting even tougher to secure a good job and it has never been more important to have an outstanding Resume.  It used to be sufficient that a  resume simply listed your education and work history.  However, today’s successful Resume needs to also market your strengths to potential employers and sell you, over and above your peers. It must demonstrate your unique style, skills, achievements, and abilities and put you on that short list of those to be interviewed.

Resume Writing

We prepare innovative, eye-catching, job specific Resumes. Many clients require a re-design of their existing Resume, because they feel their current document is not up to scratch or needs to portray a new professional vision.

After reviewing your details and career aspirations with you, we are able to provide an innovative array of new ideas and options, which usually results in renewed confidence and an incentive to act.  We create something special from your existing resume.

Whatever your requirements – we can provide you with an interview generating  resume that is both appropriate and competitive.

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Cover Letters:

A good cover letter is just as important as a strong Resume and an essential element to any successful job application campaign.

A cover letter may be either in response to a job advert or a speculative approach to a company you would like to join.

An effective cover letter adds value to your application, explains your suitability for the post and enhances the chance of your Resume being read.

If you order the cover letter, we also include a web based cover letter to use on numerous job sites.

We particularly specialize in those people seeking work in other countries and senior executives who wish to sell themselves within competitive markets.